March 10, 2020

TS Corse takes charge of its DUQUEINE D08 in Adria

TS Corse recently carried out three days of testing on the Adria circuit with their DUQUEINE D08 LMP3. These tests allowed the team to prepare for the 2020 season and to test the D08 with which the team will participate in the Ultimate Cup Series, which is due to start in Barcelona on March 22.

For his tests, Pietro Peccenini was in command of the D08 prototype and progressed well both in feeling with the prototype and in lap times. Many important data and indications were collected in order to better orient the work of adjustment for the new racing season, without any particular problems encountered for the team. For TS Corse, its Team Manager Stefano Turchetto and for the Milanese pilot, a new challenge begins in 2020 after the successes obtained with the formulas still within the framework of the Ultimate Cup.

Peccenini commented on his first experience with the new LMP3:

"At the start of the test, I was careful, but I must say that already in the third round, I started to feel at ease. Confidence in the prototype arrived quite quickly, even if there is still some many aspects, both technical and driving, that we need to deepen. The LMP3 is heavier, higher in the driving position and more flexible than a single-seater formula, but the potential is high and we will be faster on lap, in addition to reaching top speeds of up to 290 km/h. During the three days spent at Adria, we have continuously improved the timing and with new tires, the prototype is great! I also did 30 laps on the track and physically, I had no problems. In general, the test was positive and the team is already very motivated. We also simulated a few pit stops, there are a lot of changes to face. In Adria, we took a big first step in our arrival in LMP3 ".


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