February 24, 2020

Nielsen Racing LMP3 Champion in Asian Le Mans Series

With a victory and two podiums in the four races of the Asian Le Mans Series 2019/2020, Nielsen Racing was crowned LMP3 champion of the discipline with DUQUEINE Automotive in the final of the Asian championship.

The final of the 2019/2020 Asian Le Mans Series took place on the circuit of Buriram in Thailand the weekend of February 22nd/23rd, 2020. This test ended the season marked by the first appearance of the manufacturer DUQUEINE Automotive on the Asian continent.

For this final, three teams could still win in the LMP3 category, including Nielsen Racing and GRAFF, in second and third place in the general classification before the last event. After exemplary qualifications which saw NORMA M30 N°2 of Nielsen Racing sign the best time, and the other NORMA completing the leading trio, the crews of the brand were therefore going to start in front position and try to win the championship.

GRAFF and Nielsen Racing fought hard, trying to finish in the best possible positions. Finally, it is in second position that NORMA M30 N°2 of Colin Noble and Tony Wells finishes the 4 Hours of Buriram, a position sufficient to secure the title! On the GRAFF side, NORMA N°8 finishes in third place in the LMP3 category with Matthias Kaiser and Neale Muston on board.

“It’s great to come to Asia again and win the title with Colin and Tony. They are part of the structure and fabric of Nielsen Racing and I could not have wished for anything more from them. They both drove a fantastic campaign and deserve their success”

David “Sven” Thompson - Team Principal of Nielsen Racing

“This first campaign for DUQUEINE Automotive in Asia was a real challenge that we met brilliantly! Our teams fought proudly and we were able to show the full potential of the NORMA M30. The 2020 season is starting very well for DUQUEINE and we will do our best as a constructor to keep our teams on the same path as the Nielsen team!"

Gilles Duqueine - President of DUQUEINE Automotive

A first title for DUQUEINE Automotive in 2020

The results are more than positive for the French brand in the Asian Le Mans Series. After a campaign more intense than ever in the LMP3 category, DUQUEINE Automotive leaves with 2 victories, 2 second places and 2 third places. GRAFF and Nielsen Racing had a breathtaking season for their first campaign in the Far East, each winning a victory in the 2019/2020 season.

This campaign is a real demonstration of the performance of the prototype and the DUQUEINE teams, which have won three out of four races and a first championship title since the start of 2020.

DUQUEINE Automotive continues its successful start of the year with NORMA M30s which once again demonstrate their high level of competitiveness by winning second and third place in this final of the Asian Le Mans Series. After the United States, DUQUEINE Automotive has extended its field of action and provided the same know-how and service on all Asian circuits.

The Buriram race marked the last appearance of the NORMA M30 in Asia, indeed from the 2020/2021 season, the DUQUEINE D08 will represent the brand on the track. With the undisputed success of the NORMA M30, there is no doubt that the DUQUEINE D08 will be on track to secure a new title for the French manufacturer.

After Buriram in Thailand, back to the United States and then direction Sebring with the IMSA Prototype Challenge for DUQUEINE Automotive from March 18th to 21st.


Final classification of the Asian Le Mans Series LMP3 category:

P1: Nielsen Racing N°2 - 75 points

P2: ACE1 Villorba Corse N°12 - 62 points

P3: Inter Europol Competition N°13 - 59 points

P4: GRAFF N°9 - 40 points 

P5: Nielsen Racing N°3 - 37 points

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