September 26, 2019

Welcome to the new DUQUEINE Engineering website!

DUQUEINE Engineering’s new website is now online!

Our brand new website is dedicated to DUQUEINE Engineering’s activities, the racing team, the car manufacturer DUQUEINE Automotive but also the DUQUEINE Training Center for drivers.

Since 2018, the car manufacturer NORMA has been bought by DUQUEINE. Aware of the strong history of the NORMA brand, this name has continued to exist. This month, the first LMP3 D08 came out of our workshops in Alès and it is therefore in January 2020, during the run of the first prototypes sold that NORMA will become DUQUEINE.

To support the arrival of this new prototype, the DUQUEINE teams have set up new services, including a brand new website.

You will discover the different prototypes built in the DUQUEINE workshops in Alès, especially the LMP3 prototype DUQUEINE D08 as well as the previous ones: the NORMA M30 and NORMA M20 cars. You will get informed with the various services set up for the customer Teams: technical support at the workshop and on the circuits, but also our delivery center in Alès and its delivery service across the Asian and American continents.

We are also implementing a brand new service to support the arrival of the new DUQUEINE D08 prototype. Aware of the difficulty that a team may have in moving from one vehicle to another, we wanted to develop a resale service for racing cars.

Exclusively for the future DUQUEINE D08 owners, we will allow you to put online the competition vehicle (without brand restriction) on our own website and on the various resale websites. We host the vehicle in our brand new showroom in Alès, ensure the customer relationship and can go to the test track and finalizing the transaction. Our desire is to simplify the transition and administer the entire vehicle change procedure.

Nevertheless, if some Teams do not wish to benefit from this complete premium service but simply wish to sell a NORMA prototype, we offer a free advertisement on the website.

On the Racing Team part, learn more about our Team, drivers, car and staff, as well as the ambitions of the Team in the LMP2 category. You will also find the services of DUQUEINE Engineering with its event section.

In addition, discover the specificities of the DUQUEINE Training Center for drivers. This is intended for experienced or non-professional drivers who wish to improve their skills. The DUQUEINE Training Center is equipped with a driving simulator, competition cars and sports equipment dedicated to athletes.

Finally, the website will make you learn more about the history of the group, from its beginning in the motorsport world, its first victories, its new projects, its expansion and its future ambitions. Discover also its infrastructures within the Mechanical Pole of Alès and the various actions that are carried out there and find the prize list of DUQUEINE, from its creation to the current season.

This website is made by the communication agency specialized in motorsport AutoWebbb.

See you soon on the circuits!

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