March 10, 2020

Interview with K2R Motorsports, new DUQUEINE team in IMSA Prototype Challenge

The 2020 IMSA Prototype Challenge season started in January with the Daytona Roar Before The Rolex. This first race of the year was a great success for the DUQUEINE Automotive teams, who ran the NORMA M30 LMP3 prototypes for the last time.

In total, there were eight NORMA M30 on track for this new season of the North American LMP3 championship. Robillard Racing, Nielsen Racing, Gilbert / Korthoff Motorsports, CT Motorsports, Conquest / GRS Racing, the official champion Forty7 Motorsports and K2R Motorsports.

The American K2R Motorsports team was rolling a NORMA M30 for the first time in addition to another prototype for this first test of the Roar. If the experience acquired by Forty7 Motorsports during its last seasons with the NORMA M30 allowed the defending champions to win the race, the NORMA M30 N°64 of K2R Motorsports did not leave them with an easy race. After having signed pole position, the N°64 will finally finish in second place for its very first race.

We wanted to know more about this team which will surely count itself among the most serious challengers in 2020. Interview with Bobby Golasinskin, owner of the team.

First race of the year and first race with a NORMA M30 prototype and you sign a pole position and a podium, what do you think?

It really felt good, and we’re extremely proud of our drivers. I’m not sure if anyone really knows the backstory of the race. We had an electronic failure due to the heavy rain while on the grid. The first two hours of the race were run without power steering and steering wheel function failures. It was only during the Full Course Yellow period that we were able to perform a hard reset. All functions and steering came back. So, to finish second with this adversity, it was an exceptional job for our drivers and the team.

The Daytona circuit is normally a speed track designed for cars like Nascar series, how does an LMP3 prototype behave on a track of this type?

NORMA is really stable, especially with the superb aerodynamic package of this car. We can actually ride with higher downforce while remaining fairly competitive by mixing the usual track and banking track settings.

How is an LMP3 team preparing for its IMSA Prototype Challenge season?

"The team usually gets prepared by doing a lot of beforehand testing. The time on the track to prepare the car and train the staff is really important. In addition, we try to prioritize the driving time for our drivers so that they are 100% used to the car.

What is your favorite circuit of the 2020 season?

We don’t really have a favorite circuit because we like them all a lot. We are grateful for every opportunity to ride these circuits because it allows us to be better on the track every time.”

What are your ambitions this year?

Our ambitions for the 2020 season of the IMSA Prototype Challenge are simple. We want to win the Driver’s Championship as well as the Bronze Cup Championship. With our proven potential in Daytona, we can do it, I am convinced.

What are your ambitions for the next few years with the new regulations?

I really think we have to strive to stay consistent to be at the top of the rankings with our Bronze drivers already this year. We know we have been good with Silver drivers, but having Bronze drivers is really the way to win the races. We are focused on 2020 at the moment.

We will meet all the competitors of the IMSA Prototype Challenge on March 18 in Sebring for the second round of the championship.

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