February 21, 2020

DUQUEINE Automotive accelerates its development in Alès

As 2020 marks the arrival of the LMP3 DUQUEINE D08, the eponymous group of Gilles DUQUEINE increases its development and finalizes the construction of a new structure bringing together DUQUEINE Team and DUQUEINE Automotive.

Indeed, the team settled since 2014 at the Mechanical Pole of Alès was joined by the manufacturer in 2019. For this new year, the group has invested in a brand new building of 3000 square meters in order to create a global, agile and innovative entity.

The new space dedicated to the construction of the LMP3 is already functional. The technicians are on the job and 4 new DUQUEINE D08 are in production.

The after-sales management for all LMP3 customers is also centralized within the same complex. The link with the circuit of the Alès mechanical pole has also been consolidated, so all client teams can come and do their first laps, supported by DUQUEINE engineers before the delivery of their LMP3 D08 prototype.

The expertise of DUQUEINE Team is put to good use by constructor clients, the group's desire is to capitalize on its client expertise in order to create a panel of services fully adapted to the needs of endurance teams.

After three victories for three races at the start of 2020 with its NORMA M30, the manufacturer is preparing to return to business on European territory for the end of March. The DUQUEINE D08s will take place for the first time on European grids during the test days of the European Le Mans Series on March 31st in Barcelona.

"The results of the restructuring carried out since the takeover of NORMA are definitely showing with great victories in Asia and America. We wish to offer the best performance for our new D08, the technical teams are working effectively in this direction. The new infrastructures will allow us to further increase our level of service and the first orders demonstrate the confidence that our customers have given us in this new year. We are all looking forward to the competition in Europe to start again and to the D08s and the DUQUEINE teams to demonstrate all their skills."



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